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free food pics from Old Butt Hairs

free food pics from Old Butt Hairs

AKA The Exalted One

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

 Artist/Writer/Former Seaman on his tiny patio in Sacramento (Sacratomato) California
Hibiscus on the left, rose on the right
Chased by a Kodiak brown bear, trampled by a horse, fell into a crevasse, slapped by a Guru, stuck his finger in a 440 Ac box, butted by a goat, bite by a dog, rabbit pissed in his face, shit on by birds, stuck in quick sand, pepper gassed, robbed at gunpoint, swindled, exploited, burned on the butt by wife with a match, judo chopped by daughter, darts stuck in forehead and top of head,  brained with a two by four, stepped barefoot in dog crap, flipped out of a hammock, got huge nail stuck in booty by brother, bite by a squirrel, rat, bunny, horse, raccoon, wife, daughter, laughed at by a large number or Sioux, exposed to asbestos,  chased by hoodlums, taken over by spirit of huge fish in Canada (not funny, was very cold and I was about to jump into water) Girl peed on my back, fell out of tree, stalked by a very large weasel (a marten) attacked by a creepy pack of dogs while holding a human skull in a brown paper bag, screamed at by an Army General. There is more but I need to take a break.  

http://www.wackyowl.com/eggs-boiled-young-boys-urin-delicacy-china/ Яйца, сваренные в моче маленьких мальчика считается деликатесом в Китае! 

 A Corvette police car in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Good for the Cruise on North Woodward Avenue in Detroit

Member of The Imperial Order of the Opossum (in good standing)

My Gargoyle Vase

Gecko in hot water with the mob. Consigliere says a hit on a gecko is only a misdemeanor. 

My "lovely" wedding flowers. I bought a bottle of 12 year old Chivas Regal the day I got married just to have a memento. 
Tar sands oil, the dirtiest oil on Earth.

 The KKK is toast but is does live on somewhat in the form of the Teaparty. The Teaparty pretends it's grassroots but it is really owned by the criminal Koch brothers

The Rachel Maddow Show 

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Bee Hive Oven

Well, here's a treat, senior near nudity by Famous sculptor and writer, Farrell Hamann, hiding his "stuff" behind a well placed palm frond.

I'm not cute enough? See the topless Princess!
Shirtless Princess at a party 
My video: Anthrax. See, even I get fan mail!

 Donald Trump (not an intelligent man)
Another total dumbass is @Serr8d on twitter. Guy has his head so far up Limbaugh's ass all you see is his own ass which seems like 99% of the guy. 

Cheetos are messing up you live with their salt, bad oils and GMO's (genetically modified organisms) Tell Frito-Lay to clean up their act. Also, GMO's, at the very least should be labeled.

Toxic killer robot bugs from outer space. (Kind of like Rush Limbaugh and David Koch but with more charm) 

You can get rich on twigs! Yes, become a millionaire by harvesting free for the taking, twigs, I'll show you how. 

Famous, museum quality palace, castle, castle village, and towers, dollhouse collection. World's finest. Investment grade art. By artist: Farrell Hamann (@farrellhamann on twitter)

This is a cool do it yourself video. You can make money doing this without spending a lot of money. Creative. Makes nice gifts!!
Governor of Wisconsin is a horse's ass 
just like: Serr8d

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sacramento, California by Artist/Writer

Everything Good, Sacramento, California
By visual artist/writer/video maker: Farrell Hamann
Giant trees (in America's largest and oldest urban forest, Moms, kids, dogs, old Victorian houses, and good coffee out doors on a shady patio) That's mid-town Sacramento, California, AKA (also known as) The Grid.  The coffee house by the tree, and with outdoor seating, is Sacramento's own, Java City. I love this coffee house and sitting outdoors by the huge tree. Гигантские деревья (в крупнейших и старейших городских лесов Америки, мамы, дети, собаки, старый викторианский дом, а хороший кофе из дверей на тенистый дворик) Вот середине города Сакраменто, штат Калифорния, AKA (также известный как) Grid.Кофейня на дереве, и на открытом воздухе, является собственным, Сакраменто Java городе. Я люблю этот дом кофе, сидя на открытом воздухе у огромного дерева.

If you stood on the corner by the tree, you could count a huge number of patio umbrellas, good places to eat, even 3 valet parking people across the street, under an umbrella shooting the bull in their red vests. This is the corner of 18th and Capital. From the middle of the street, facing this direction, you get a nice view of California's State Capitol.  There is a nice tour at The California State Capitol Museum.

Here's another view of the giant camphor tree (yes camphor can be made from this tree)
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Сакраменто приветствует всех русских посетителей! Привет отправьте голые фотографии себя. Мне нравится, как голые русские смотреть.

 Now open. Call 916-641-7696

Mitt Romney sucks ass, pass it along!

This orange tree is just a half block down the street.  Oranges right over the sidewalk! Some of the orange trees in downtown and mid-town Sacramento are really old Seville oranges and are actually very large street trees, not the little, easy to pick trees one normally sees images of, big!  A lot of these trees have  bitter oranges and were going to waste until the Corti Brothers decided to make and distribute a marmalade recipe from 1866. This marmalade sells all over the world.  The Corti Brothers have been selling gourmet foods and fine wines here for many years. Marmalade

Another old tradition in Sacramento has been Merlino's Orange Freeze
Ronald Reagan and current Governor, Jerry Brown used to stand in line for this tasty item. It has had some problems but is still alive at Mr. Pickles sandwich shops.  My gourmet feasting daughter who used to work at The Kitchen, one of the best known restaurants in town and very pricy, thinks Mr. Pickles is the place to go for sandwiches. Glad they are keeping Merlino's Orange Freeze alive. I think Reagan had some air freighted to the White House. (personally, I have art work in the White House collection and the White House sent my wife a gift via the gallery I was showing at but more about that later.) 
Old Man in bubble bathtub
Sacramento has a cool mix of architecture, old, new and in between. Here is something I just spotted for the first time, the skinny house in South Land Park and a report from the happy owners. This is said to be perhaps the 2d skinniest home in California.

Quite possible the only photo you'll ever see of me wearing battered underwear and a sidearm
It was tricky getting this shot, OK? and I tucked my shirt into my underwear, I never, normally do that.  You're lucky day, right? Вполне возможно только фото вы всегда будете видеть меня носить нижнее белье побоям и пистолет
Это было сложно получить этот снимок, ладно? и я заправленные рубашки в нижнем белье, я никогда, как правило, сделать это. Вы счастливый день, правильно?

Wet acrylic paint and Creamy the Cat's big paws, not a good combination

Acrylic Paintings

http://www.wackyowl.com/eggs-boiled-young-boys-urin-delicacy-china/ Eier in kleine Junge Urin gekocht wird als Delikatesse in China!  This link is in English. In China, eggs boiled in boy pee is considered a delicacy. В Китае, яйца, сваренные в моче мальчик считается деликатесом.

Here's another foot known to have tramped through my paint (I'm just making this up)

Acrylic abstract paintings, wall hangings on canvas and unbleached muslin, sculpture, palace and castle toys, marble toys, famous mosaics, videos and writing. Had a Writer's File with The Tonight Show, novelist. Former Alaska commercial fisherman, worked on Wall Street, lived in Paris, Alaska, New York City, Santa Barbara and elsewhere.

Goofy Twitter Avatar: @farrellhamann Channel: farrellhamann on YouTube (art/comedy/toys)

The King of Nordstrom at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, California
 Король Nordstrom в Arden Fair Mall в Сакраменто, штат Калифорния

Farrell Hamann at the wheel of Creampuff the Jaguar

Places to go, things to see:
Sutter's Fort State Historical Park
Old Sacramento State Historical Park 
Crocker Art Museum
California State Railroad Museum
Discovery Museum
Governor's Mansion State Historical Park, Sacramento
California Automobile Museum 
Sacramento Children's Museum
Aerospace Museum of California
The California Museum
California State Indian Museum
California State Military Museum
California Pharmacy Museum
Fairytale Town (in Land Park)
Folsom History Museum (in the city of Folsom)
Hedrick Ag History Center. (tractors, old trucks in Woodland, CA)
Leland Stanford Mansion State Historical Park
Medical History Museum
Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum 
Sacramento Old City Historic Cemetery
Sacramento History Museum
Sacramento Zoo
Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum
Wells Fargo History Museums Old Sacramento and Downtown

Dark Roasted Blend/ Things weird and wonderful (my favorite site to visit

Remember, I'm @farrellhamann on Twitter
California Poppies and blackberry blossoms found along the American River Parkway. These were early, March 3d, I think. Actually, I was looking for any kind of flower because I wanted to feature The McKinley Park Rose Garden but the official site for the garden only has a terrible pic and I wanted something nice. OK, so, I feature the American River Parkway, one of the premier places in the USA to ride bikes, horses, and just hike. 

Mountain Lions do roam the American River Parkway and evidently on BOTH sides of the American River. I'd keep small pets and children close and wouldn't walk around with kitty treats in my pockets. If I were a somewhat petite jobber, I might consider jogging alone a bad idea. An 80 lb. adult woman was grabbed by a mountain lion at a different California location on a hiking trail a few years back, so you have to be careful.  Cougar is the other name for the mountain lion.
If you click your mouse on the above pic, it makes it easier to read. I suggest you do read it!
Lush Spring meadow found along the American River Parkway as seen from the paved bike trail. If you look closely, you can see hundreds of cougars and Coyotes and skunks starring out at you, haha. The Parkway goes miles and miles and on both sides of the American River, I'd say 35 or 40 miles or so, please don't ask me to look it up. Right now, I'm thinking that I must find my good, close up of the cork oak trunk, don't see it in my hard drive but know that I have it in my photostream on photobucket and possibly flickr.

One of my "Friendly Series" of paintings. Painting this, I had in mind those stuck in a windowless office and deprived of any form of greenery (which, in my opinion, can make you loony after a while)  So, this painting is intended to be therapeutic.

Click here to go to Facebook Account of Emerging Artist, Farrell Hamann



Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)
Detail pic of latex (rubber) mold for making marble spiral toy
Email: farrellhamann@sbcglobal.net

USS Sacramento AOE-1

Breaking: Decided to accept writing assignments. Let me know what your needs are.

Wife like their Swiss cheese char burger and tea. Actually, we both went to the Hamburger Habit in the Santa Barbara area (Goleta) independently before we met. The one I know about in Sacramento is on the West side of Howe  

 What are your going to do when gas drillers frack land near you and ruin your water supply with toxic chemicals? This is happening now! Do you have livestock?, do your kids wade in the creek?

Large, old Victorian house on Capitol Avenue in Mid-town Sacramento, California. Notice the "gingerbread" trim" Sacramento has a huge number of Victoria houses.
Knight of the Imperial Order of the Opossum 
Рыцарь Императорского ордена Опоссум

Farrell Hamann Fine Art

 Guilt Cat

 If you say: "I don't give a rat's ass" one more time, I'll ask Thor to smite you again

Daughter is moving to Orange County so I expect all your Orange County people to be on your best behavior. Watch your step and no littering and tell the Tea Party that they're not welcome. 

Video: (by me) Get rich on twigs!! $$$$$ Big money and success with twigs, I'll show you how. Stop living like a cockroach, enjoy life to the fullest. Видео: (мной) разбогатеть на ветки! $ $ $ $ $ Большие деньги и успех с ветки, я покажу вам, как. Стоп жить, как таракан, наслаждаться жизнью в полной мере.

Autographed Babe Ruth, lime green World Series, grand slam, home run softball. Very rare collectible.

From my Youtube channel (farrellhamann) Intercepted video transmissions, source unknown. My comedy spy series. This is the very first one. Go to Youtube channel to see them all!! Also @farrellhamann on twitter

Need some free food pics (images)? 

"Malice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable"  (A cool book that will not amuse the evil billionaire brothers, David and Charles Koch. Why you should boycott all Georgia Pacific products which includes Dixie Cups, Stainmaster carpets, and a hell of a lot of crappy toilet paper and paper towels. The Koch brothers just want to pollute freely and have already created a Superfund site with their toxic waste. The Tea Party candidates and office holders, like Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, etc. really suck. By the way: conservatives supported King George and the Redcoats during the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party was about fair taxes, not no taxes!! The Tea Party is not a grassroots movement, it is astroturf paid for by the Koch billionaires who want to create their own cadre of Hitler type Brown Shirts.  They need to be stopped.  Sad, how they are passive and played by corporate money.  Only time to be as passive as them is when you have a thermometer stuck in your ass.  Fox News and CNN are part of the problem because they support the crazy right wing and won't call out liars like Limbaughzbub (El Rusbo)  Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather supported and aided the Nazis DURING WWII.  Evil
Above: Cool blogger, Olivia Emisar
Support Occupy Sacramento #occupysacramento #ows

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association played a large role in California's current economic plight. They are really just corporate tax evaders. #HJTPA Don't believe anything they say.

Security Fear Test (Above Top Secret) CIA, NSA, MI6, FBI, JCS. MK-Ultra Control
 Donald Trump failed this test 3 times and is officially a Putz

The Marxist School of Sacramento 

Logo taken from a cap

Below: @farrellhamann by Old Ivory from her new CD: "Click My @"

Cheetos will ruin your life. Bad oils, GMO's, just plain crap from Frito-Lay

 In Sacramento, you still have to pay for everything with gold nuggets. Here are some nice big ones!

Seriously cool urns and monuments by California sculptor, Farrell Hamann

New (embryonic stage) The Sacramento CEO CLUB. Includes Marin County, Granite Bay, San Francisco, Carmel, Arden Oaks, NYC, Hamptons, everywhere. Thinking a nice airplane hanger would be nice, you could fly in and even bring the kids. Hah. Also services of a genius dude. Hope the Russians also have a look as my sites attract a lot of Russians (thanks)

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