Tuesday, December 6, 2011

free food pics from Old Butt Hairs

free food pics from Old Butt Hairs

AKA The Exalted One

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

 Artist/Writer/Former Seaman on his tiny patio in Sacramento (Sacratomato) California
Hibiscus on the left, rose on the right
Chased by a Kodiak brown bear, trampled by a horse, fell into a crevasse, slapped by a Guru, stuck his finger in a 440 Ac box, butted by a goat, bite by a dog, rabbit pissed in his face, shit on by birds, stuck in quick sand, pepper gassed, robbed at gunpoint, swindled, exploited, burned on the butt by wife with a match, judo chopped by daughter, darts stuck in forehead and top of head,  brained with a two by four, stepped barefoot in dog crap, flipped out of a hammock, got huge nail stuck in booty by brother, bite by a squirrel, rat, bunny, horse, raccoon, wife, daughter, laughed at by a large number or Sioux, exposed to asbestos,  chased by hoodlums, taken over by spirit of huge fish in Canada (not funny, was very cold and I was about to jump into water) Girl peed on my back, fell out of tree, stalked by a very large weasel (a marten) attacked by a creepy pack of dogs while holding a human skull in a brown paper bag, screamed at by an Army General. There is more but I need to take a break.  

http://www.wackyowl.com/eggs-boiled-young-boys-urin-delicacy-china/ Яйца, сваренные в моче маленьких мальчика считается деликатесом в Китае! 

 A Corvette police car in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Good for the Cruise on North Woodward Avenue in Detroit

Member of The Imperial Order of the Opossum (in good standing)

My Gargoyle Vase

Gecko in hot water with the mob. Consigliere says a hit on a gecko is only a misdemeanor. 

My "lovely" wedding flowers. I bought a bottle of 12 year old Chivas Regal the day I got married just to have a memento. 
Tar sands oil, the dirtiest oil on Earth.

 The KKK is toast but is does live on somewhat in the form of the Teaparty. The Teaparty pretends it's grassroots but it is really owned by the criminal Koch brothers

The Rachel Maddow Show 

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