Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bee Hive Oven

Well, here's a treat, senior near nudity by Famous sculptor and writer, Farrell Hamann, hiding his "stuff" behind a well placed palm frond.

I'm not cute enough? See the topless Princess!
Shirtless Princess at a party 
My video: Anthrax. See, even I get fan mail!

 Donald Trump (not an intelligent man)
Another total dumbass is @Serr8d on twitter. Guy has his head so far up Limbaugh's ass all you see is his own ass which seems like 99% of the guy. 

Cheetos are messing up you live with their salt, bad oils and GMO's (genetically modified organisms) Tell Frito-Lay to clean up their act. Also, GMO's, at the very least should be labeled.

Toxic killer robot bugs from outer space. (Kind of like Rush Limbaugh and David Koch but with more charm) 

You can get rich on twigs! Yes, become a millionaire by harvesting free for the taking, twigs, I'll show you how. 

Famous, museum quality palace, castle, castle village, and towers, dollhouse collection. World's finest. Investment grade art. By artist: Farrell Hamann (@farrellhamann on twitter)

This is a cool do it yourself video. You can make money doing this without spending a lot of money. Creative. Makes nice gifts!!
Governor of Wisconsin is a horse's ass 
just like: Serr8d

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